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Elevating the landlord and resident experience

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Propra is a suite of property management tools that improves efficiency, communication, and cost-savings, while elevating the resident experience.


Modern technology processes that effortlessly saves time and money.


Easily captures information, automates tasks and solves issues faster.


A reliable software designed to serve residential property owners and managers.

prɒ-pra | prAH-pruh

1. (one's) own [Esperanto to English definition]

2. end-to-end multi-family property management solution focused on improving resident experience and reducing costs.

Biggest challenges faced by property managers today

2020 survey of property managers by the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

How Propra solves these challenges

Transparent property management

Powerful dashboard view provides improved visibility across every portfolio, property and unit details for better decision making.

Enhanced resident experience

Increase resident satisfaction with faster communication, reduced response time, and more transparency.

Automated maintenance management

Automate and streamline maintenance requests, scheduling, and communication, freeing up more of your team’s valuable time.

Simple set-up

Easily manage properties, building units, and staff schedules, while integrating with your existing tools.


The Profitable Property Manager

5 Ways to Boost Efficiency &
Drive Revenue

For many property managers, it’s not that they don’t want to deliver an excellent tenant experience. It’s that they struggle to deliver them at scale.

Learn how you can leverage technology to:

Redirect resources to revenue generating activities

Streamline maintenance scheduling & reduce operator downtime

Maintain positive relationships with your vendors

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2022 Trends Report

State of Canadian Residential Property Management

While external factors are certainly important to keep an eye on, the time has come for the industry to look within.

Learn how you can apply the latest industry trends to:

Predict the changes that will have the greatest impact on your business as a landlord, property manager or asset owner

Take a proactive approach to deal with a dynamic macroeconomic environment

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Discover the future of property

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Propra is a Canadian technology company that improves resident satisfaction and asset value for property owners and managers of all sizes.

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We are looking for talented individuals to join the Propra team.

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