Property Management Software Features

Save time and achieve cost savings with Propra’s seamless suite of tools.

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Service Accounting

Full cycle accounting software for property managers

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All-in-one accounting solution

Manage your reconciliations, accounts payable and receivable, maintenance request billing, and more, all in one place.

GST & HST tracking

Track GST & HST for your business' books and commercial properties across Canada.

One source of truth

Avoid copying and pasting from software to software with our full-cycle accounting software.

One-Click Rent Roll

Run rent for all of your properties with a single click of a button.

Coordinate with operators

Equip your operators with resident contact information, special notes, and images of the issue in the Propra for Operators mobile app.

Requests dashboard

Never lose track of a request again with our concise dashboard displaying pending, scheduled, and overdue work orders.

Alerts and Notifications

Notify tenants about the status of maintenance appointments with automated emails and alerts.

Maintain Operator Information

Keep track of your operators' skills and schedules so you can assign the right person for the right job.

Maintenance Coordination

Schedule and manage requests in minutes

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Mobile Inspections

Conduct detailed inspections on the go

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Unit Inspections on your phone

Rethink the conventional pen and paper inspections with a fully digital inspection you can complete on a phone or tablet.

Keep tenants in the loop

Avoid disputes by sending an automatically generated detailed inspection report for both you and your tenant.

Schedule maintenance requests during inspections

Create maintenance requests at the touch of a button and address issues found during inspections before they become big problems.

Capture accurate information

Type notes and take images during the inspection that are instantly time-stamped, labelled, and attached to the right room.

Historical unit and lease data

Track all past unit information on your properties-including previous repairs and leases-from a single centralized platform.

Digitized workflow

Save time and instantly share records with residents through automated scheduling, communications, and electronic documentation.


Send a message to every resident in a property through an email or a text-to-voice phone call.

Tenant Lease Agreements

Ditch the PDFs and paper files and maintain an organized and secure record of all residents and corresponding lease agreements.

Property Operations

Elevate your managerial operations with our suite of tools

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