Time-consuming communication and scheduling issues are all too common in unit inspections. Fortunately, property management is innovating rapidly, shifting towards efficient, transparent, and cost-effective processes.

Let’s take a look at the current unit inspection landscape and how it’s evolving towards digital processes and experiences to meet the expectations of tenants today.

While inspections are a key aspect of property management, until now, they’ve suffered from the inefficiencies that often plague analog methods in the digital age. The good news? Propra has a faster, efficient, and industry-revolutionizing solution. 

The Importance of Rental Unit Inspections

Picture this: After receiving notice that a tenant is vacating their unit, a property manager sends them an email to coordinate their move out inspection. Three days later? The message remains unanswered. 

The property manager calls the tenant, who finds the email hidden in their spam folder. They schedule the inspection for the following day, but when the time comes, the tenant is on a work call and can’t be present. Throughout the inspection, the property manager discovers various stains on the carpet, and that the tenant painted their unit, which their rental contract strictly forbade. When the property manager sends the inspection report to the tenant, the property manager has to scan their notes and send them via email, extending an already lengthy process.

No tenant wants to move into their new apartment only to find that things aren’t up to standard. Thorough inspections create pristine move-in conditions that signify to incoming tenants that they’re in good hands and will be living in a building that is maintained by a proactive property management company. By conducting effective unit inspections, property managers elevate rental experiences, reducing tenant turnover and increasing owner satisfaction. 

Tenant Screening

Just as tenants factor good property management into their decision-making process when looking to rent a unit as their next home, property managers should also do their due diligence to welcome the kind of tenants who will be responsible and considerate.

Our tenant screening checklist is an efficient measure that enables property managers to ensure that the residents of their building are trustworthy. Running the mandatory screening checks like references will help in securing responsible tenants leading to reduced turnover and repair costs down the line. 

Conducting Digital Inspections

The launch of Propra’s inspections app takes the inefficiencies out of the unit inspections process by rethinking the conventional pen and paper practices of property management. Propra’s mobile inspections app allows managers and tenants to complete a unit inspection entirely on their devices – gone are the days of manually dating and tracking photos or cramming handwriting into a box on a paper form. 

Now, property managers can take images that are instantly time-stamped, labeled, and attached to the right room, and conveniently type notes onto their phone while completing an inspection. With the generation of automatic, detailed reports, property managers and tenants have complete visibility over the unit’s historical state, and maintenance requests can be created at the touch of a button so that issues are addressed quickly and don’t become big problems. 

With streamlined communications and data transfer in our robust, all-in-one platform, completing unit inspections has never been easier, saving property managers time and money so they can provide the best possible customer experience.

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